Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sterling Silver Box Chain - The Most Popular Chain

Sterling silver chains have been favourite for years and they proceed to be just as popular even nowadays. With the increasing popularity , there is a huge assortment in stock today in terms of styles, shapes and designs. Box Chains are the most popular  of  all time. Silver box chains are made of square(quadrate) links which are connected together to form a lovely smooth item. The main advantage of the box chain is that it can be worn in different ways.


Different Styles of Sterling Silver Chains

There are silver chains in alltypes of designs and styles available nowadays. Trace ones are the simplest of all. In these chains the links are uniform in terms of thickness and breadth and they can be very exquisite. The rope is next type that available and it looks like two wiggling chains which spiral into one . Herringbone Chains are composed from links that that have V-shape. Prince of Wales is another style which has a twisting look and is made from tiny circular links. Every link has at least four others that get together .Spiga chains are made from links that shape a figure eight contour and has a 3D attend. The box chains that are available in silver are also referred to as briolette and has links that are square in shape and are linked together tightly.

Why are the Box Chains So Popular?

There are various reasons why the box chains are so common now. They have a superb shine effect. They are quite lovely when women worn them  alone or with a combination of pendant or  charm. These are also the strongest of all the other chains. People call them "mirror box chains".These chains can be worn in several ways. It can be a tralatitious necklace, as a silver bracelet, as an anklet or even as a hip accent. Silver box chains are sold-out in different different lengths ranging from 1.1 millimeters to 3.5 millimeters. Also, these  chains attract quite well with other silver accessories , for example - charms and pendants.

There are so many types of clasps that are available for sterling silver box chains. The spring ring clasps are the most usually used for necklaces and they open up when the lever is pushed back a little. The loop or the chain can then be attached into the clasp. Lobster claw clasps are easier to use. The other styles of clasps available for these are the box clasps and magnetic clasps. A silver box chain is the most basic part of the sterling jewelry collection of any woman. They are quite variable and can be worn at job or for a informal evening . This very fashionable chain style looks hot with any kind of outfit. Because of its versatility, durability and shine, it is very popular.